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Canine Semen Analysis & Testing

Lancashire K9 Fertility Clinic is based in Lostock Hall, Preston. Offering a full range of fully trained, qualified and insured canine fertility services for all dog breeds. You can contact the clinic by phone 07971 309 328 or email

Semen Fertility Testing for Dogs Lancashire

The Lancashire K9 Fertility Clinic was set up to help others achieve success with their dog breeding programs in Preston and surrounding areas. Owner Holly Hoyles has extensive knowledge and experience of dog grooming, handling and breeding and her training and expertise in canine semen fertility analysis has helped to produce many successful litters of healthy puppies.

Semen Fertility Analysis for Dogs Preston

The Lancashire K9 Fertility Clinic can carry out semen fertility testing for your dog. Holly Hoyles is an experienced dog handler used to all sized breeds and temperaments. The welfare of your dog is an absolute priority and Holly’s experienced approach will put your dog at rest and ensure a stress free experience. The semen analysis is carried out on site and results are available on the day.

Benefits of Semen Analysis for Dogs

Dog semen fertility tests are important for successful breeding programmes. The semen sample is analysed under a specialised microscope and will be checked for semen mobility and quality. Good quality semen helps to determine the fertility of your dog and can contribute to successful dog breeding.

Need more information about Semen Analysis?

If you would like more information about Semen Analysis from Lancashire Canine Fertility Clinic Holly is only a phone call away. You can send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or via email at or get in touch with Holly over the phone on 07971 309 328.

Why Fertility Test Semen in Dogs?

Semen testing for dogs is highly recommended before each breeding, especially for more mature or younger dogs. If it is your sires first mating or he has not been bred recently, fertility testing is recommended, the semen quality can be improved by collecting several times over a period of time. Holly is happy to answer any questions to put your mind at rest.

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If you are interested in our canine fertility services in Preston including canine ovulation testing, semen fertility analysis for dogs, ultrasound scans, microchipping or our available stud dogs, please get in touch. Holly is happy to offer friendly, professional advice regarding all aspects of dog fertility and breeding. You can contact the clinic by phone 07971 309 328 or email