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Available Stud Dogs

Thank you for your enquiries but my dogs are not for sale, they available for stud and I do not have litters of puppies for sale - thank you
Miniature Long Coated Dachshund Stud
Chocolate & tan dapple

Carrying pied & can produce the new shade Isabella If put to the correct bitch

KC registered
Fully health tested
Isabella Shade French Bulldog
Merle & tan
Toy Poodle
KC registered
Fully health tested
1kg Pomeranian
KC registered
1.5kg Russian import Pomeranian
KC registered
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If you are interested in our canine fertility services in Preston including canine ovulation testing, semen fertility analysis for dogs, ultrasound scans, microchipping or our available stud dogs, please get in touch. Holly is happy to offer friendly, professional advice regarding all aspects of dog fertility and breeding. You can contact the clinic by phone 07971 309 328 or email