Lancashire K9 Fertility Clinic

About us

Lancashire K9 Fertility Clinic is based in Lostock Hall, Preston. Offering a full range of fully trained, qualified and insured canine fertility services for all dog breeds. You can contact the clinic by phone 07971 309 328 or email

Canine Fertility Services Lancashire

The Lancashire K9 Fertility Clinic was set up to help others achieve success with their dog breeding plans. Providing an excellent service for dog owners and dog breeders in Preston and surrounding areas. Owner Holly Hoyles has extensive knowledge and experience of dog grooming, handling and breeding and her expertise in canine fertility has helped to produce many successful litters of puppies.

Semen Analysis

The most reliable method available to verify your dog’s fertility potential.


All dogs and puppies must be microchipped and registered by eight weeks.

Canine Ovulation Testing

Services include cytology and progesterone blood testing for optimum timing.

Ultrasound Scans

Using specialised ultrasound equipment, we can confirm litter stage and size.

Available stud dogs

Experienced dog breeder in Preston with a selection of stud dogs available.


Are you interested in any of the services that Lancashire Canine Fertility Clinic provide such as ovulation testing, ultrasound scans or simply purchasing puppy health products? Get in touch on 07971 309 328, send us an email on or send us a message on social media.