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Canine Ovulation Testing

Lancashire K9 Fertility Clinic is based in Lostock Hall, Preston. Offering a full range of fully trained, qualified and insured canine fertility services for all dog breeds. You can contact the clinic by phone 07971 309 328 or email

Ovulation Testing for Dogs Lancashire

The Lancashire K9 Fertility Clinic was set up to help others achieve success with their dog breeding programs in Preston and surrounding areas. Owner Holly Hoyles has extensive knowledge and experience of dog grooming, handling and breeding and her expertise in canine ovulation testing has helped to produce many successful litters of puppies.

The Benefits of Canine Ovulation Testing

The Lancashire K9 Fertility Clinic in Preston carry out ovulation testing help determine your dam’s ovulation date to ascertain the optimum fertility window and increase the chances of pregnancy. This allows you to prepare in time for your litter arriving, plan for your whelp date and follow the best feeding and care plan for your bitch. Ovulation testing can be done in two ways.

Cytology Swab Testing

Vaginal cytology is a procedure performed on female dogs during their estrus cycle, the stage when the female is on heat. It is a quick painless process for your dam. All care is taken and the welfare of your dog is always a priority. A swab is taken of the cells lining the vagina and analysed under a high tech, specialised microscope. The results are instant and explained on the day.

Need more information about cytology?

If you would like more information about the cytology services Lancashire Canine Fertility Clinic offer Holly is only a phone call away. You can send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or via email at or get in touch with Holly over the phone on 07971 309 328.

Progesterone testing

In order for me to carry out Progesterone or Reverse Progesterone tests on your dog you must provide a blood sample taken by a qualified vet, I can also arrange this service through my own vet. The sample can be brought to the clinic in person or by post.

This is a blood test which measures progesterone levels, a progesterone level of 16.00nmol + triggers the release of eggs (ovulation) the eggs are only fertile for four days. Progesterone is vital in sustaining a pregnancy to the full 63 day term. If levels drop below 10ng during term the pregnancy will fail unless supplemented. At around 63 days from the point of ovulation progesterone levels drop to below 2ng which is when labour begins.

Reverse progesterone test

Once pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound scanning you will be counting down the days. Until the due date depending on the breed a c-section may be required, this test is vital in determining when this is, as if done too early before the lungs have developed enough could be fatal, once levels have dropped below 3ng it is safe. You can expect early signs of labour to begin once below 2ng. Under 1.40ng and you could expect birth within 12 hours.

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If you are interested in our canine fertility services in Preston including canine ovulation testing, semen analysis for dogs, ultrasound scans, microchipping or our available stud dogs, please get in touch. Holly is happy to offer friendly, professional advice regarding all aspects of dog fertility and breeding. You can contact the clinic by phone 07971 309 328 or email